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stop near the college early this morning. the man ran toward the creek after being pulled over shortly after midnight. police say the suspect ran under the roadway, climbed over a fence and jumped right into the water. officers lost site of him when he won't under water. -- went under water. >> we're concerned he could have got caught up under something and possibly drowned. we hope that he's okay. >> the search was called off this morning, but rescuers resumed later in the morning. a heavy rains yesterday caused a creek to overflow, and engineers are trying to fix the problem before the next rainfall. hundreds of homes were damaged in the same area during major
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flooding back in '98. damage caused by a falling tree, crushing cars at the redwood apartment complex. no injuries reported though. >> look at this. heavy rain to blame for a massive sinkhole on stony point road south of highway 116. a drainage pipe under the road caused the pavement to collapse. steel plates were brought in. portions of the roadway could be closed the next few days. we're getting a break from the rain and wind, but when santa gets here we're afraid he will get a little bit wet later tonight. >> it looks like we've got another storm bearing down on the bay area. of course we've seen a tremendous amount of rainfall, over 5 inches of rain. here's the latest storm system. we're catching a break as the first storm heads east. this one just setting itself up off the coastline, pushing in
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and clouds rolling from for santa, then the rain picking up in my morning. patchy fog to start with in the central valley. as we head to the afternoon, not a bad day, but then the clouds begin to roll in, and it looks like tomorrow morning about the middle of the morning a few showers begin to show up. how much rain are we going to see? we'll talk about it in a few minutes. you can track the storm any time you like with our doppler radar on our website. last minute holiday shopping bringing hopes to retailers this afternoon, but the late rush may not be enough to save sales. >>reporter: we're actually down to the wire hours before santa is expected to appear, and shopper here in san francisco are making the final push for the perfect present. >> making my last rounds before i head back home. >>reporter: was the day before christmas, and the shoppers
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were out. >> shoppers have realized christmas is tomorrow and they need to get their presents. >>reporter: this year's holiday shopping got off to a strong start with enthusiastic shoppers taking advantage of holiday specials, but since then shoppers have cut back on spending. the early morning hours of the mall were less crowded than anticipated. shopper track, which monitors consumer behavior predicted sales growth of 3.3%. they just cut that number to two 1/2%. analysts say the aftermath of super storm sandy and newtown connecticut shootings and possibility of higher taxes have people watching the bottom line, but here in the bay area consumer spending is following the normal trend. >> we had a spike black friday, a strong first two weeks of december, then it kind of let off and now it's back with a
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furry. >>reporter: a fury they hope translates to higher sales and holiday smiles. retailers count on the holiday shopping season for about 40% of yearly sales. carolers in san francisco this morning. the they're collecting toys for children across the bay area. among the special appearances, the giant's world series trophy, santa, and the mayor. >> it's a great way to start christmas eve and wishing everyone a really merry
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christmas. >> you don't even have to go to the union square restaurant to donate. cabs are on call. just call them and they'll come to you and pick up donations. how an emergency response falls into a deadly ambush. how food allergies can lead to other problems at school. how an extreme holiday house is turning the spirit of the season into scorn. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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york, where four volunteer firefighters were ambushed gunman when they responded this house fire. the
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shooter opened fire at themn suburban rochest four firefighters were ambushed by a gunman when they responded to a fire. two of the firefighters were killed. >> the other two were hospitalized. it's still not clear if the officers shot the suspect or he took his own life. bay area nurses walked off the job at nine hospitals in the bay area, a series of short term strikes, affecting seven hospitals as well as two in san
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jose. all of the facilities will operate with replacement workers. union leaders and management are at odds over benefits and staffing. children who have food allergies seem to be a bigger target for bullleys. 8% have some sort of food allergy. a new study in the january issue of pediatrics says nearly one third of those kids are bullied. >> people have come up to me. >> experts say parents and allergists should ask children about bullying and make sure to communicate any problems clearly to the kids' teachers. a series of events that
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produced a price less gift. and thousands of christmas lights of all colors. why this extreme holiday house has neighbors seeing red. : how about an umbrella, maybe a new raincoat. we've got storms coming for christmas. we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this christmas eve is full special meaning for a young family in queens new york.
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they'll be spending a quiet holi ir first a young family in queens new york will be spending a quiet holiday at home with their first baby. the infant has had an incredible journey of survival. >>reporter: his whole life has been a struggle beginning the night his mom went into early labor. colleen was pregnant with twins when doctors told her she had a rare condition. one baby was growing, but the other not. after an emergency c-section andrew arrived at the neonatal intensive care unit to help him breathe, eat and pump his own blood. his brother, william, didn't make it. >> two days after he was born he passed away. >>reporter: for three months andrew stayed in nicu. he had breathing problems and nearly died of sepsis. >> it was touch and go and a
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very difficult time. andrew was one of six babies relocated here to the medical center in the bronx. andrew weighed 9 pounds and was finally able to go home. >> having gone through what we have, it makes it more special. we're really very excited for this christmas. >>reporter: he still has weekly visits with the pediatrician and will see specialists throughout his childhood, but his parents say he the best gift they've ever received. right now santa is making his journey across the world. my producer is telling me he's over latvia right now.
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you can follow the big man on bing maps and twitter, and for the first time google is also tracking santa on its maps. you can interacted on google plus, although i think he's kind of busy. if you want to throw him a note, feel free. >> find him on facebook. >> 3 billion gifts so far. a big sleigh. a slushy christmas display is attracting crowds and critics. a house in orange county is covered in 65,000 lights. that is incredible. they're all sink had to music. the display draws hundreds of visitors, but it doesn't inspire christmas spirit in everyone. neighbors have complained and plan to push an ordinance to keep the lights in check. >> it's more appropriate for the vegas strip. we're not opposed to christmas lights, but it's very bright and intrusive. >> the homeowner has been ticketed for noise and now keeps it down by 9 at night. she says she's sorry her
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neighbors don't like the display, but encourages them to enjoy the holiday cheer. >> they race money for charity too. >> how do you take all that down? >> how do you put it up in the first place? storms took down a lot at my house. through the after nonhours mostly sunny conditions in dry weather, then increasing clouds for santa, then the rain throughout the day on christmas day. a little chill any spots, temperatures right now 53
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degrees in concord. we've got a brief break between the stormy weather. you can already see the storm system off the coastline sliding in. the jet stream well to the south. good news of people traveling today. no delays. across the country we're expecting thunderstorms in houston, a chance of snowden very, chicago and also new york which could cause delays there. temperatures mainly 50s central valley. the high country things beginning to slow down a little as far as the snow is concerned. the temperatures into the 50s as well. by tomorrow it looks like a chance of rainfall into the afternoon. showers continuing on wednesday and on thursday a chance of a few more showers, but the official forecast for christmas day, rain spreading throughout the day. i'm thinking maybe a boat for christmas will be good, umbrella. >> wet weather.
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>> a lot of fun. >> a lot of snow. >> tons of snow in the mountains. >> in tahoe you would love it if you're a skier. we all need a little hope after the violent news from connecticut. today we find light shining in a young woman who's our student rising above. >>reporter: when we first met her she was only 19 and totally on her own. she and her younger sister lived month to month raising their younger brother, working minimum wage jobs after school to pay the bills. >> it's something that will never go away. >> if you can imagine children
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from the time they're infants where no one cares whether you wake up in the morning or have food in your belly or any clothes, much less clean clothes, whether you to go school. >> we followed her, and now she's the program director for a nonprofit called up on top. she works from kids. it was a tragedy that reconnected us. in august she got a late night call if her uncle. >> he couldn't get a word out. i knew before he said it that someone in our family was murdered. >> her cousin was only 17, murdered in what appeared to be an attempted robbery. it was a flashback for salina.
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his case has never been solved. >> there's never been a moment in the day where i don't think about my brother and how he impacts every decision i've made. >> 10 members of her family have been murdered, but it's lamar's murder that haunts her. >> i cannot help anyone without helping myself. i can't be a resource for anyone if i'm not establishing myself in a very solid foundation. >>reporter: she talks about her brother as a speech for students rising above. >> i thought i could give him something of substance, guidance, but i later realized that he needed a man, a father, not just a big sister. >>reporter: more than half the homicide victims in the united states are african-american.
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>> men have to step up. we need our men to be role models. >> that is another good one. >> but it's not just men, but everyone. >> lead by example. making sure i'm constantly availabl . >>reporter: it's the reason she's working with kids now. >> this is my purpose in life, to educate young people. each one teach one. >>reporter: she praise a lot, she says, and every day she does something for someone else every day. >> wendy tells us they'll help many teenagers like herself go to college. for more information, you can go to students rising
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we'll be right back. ,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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hand and wrist injuries. thw program working to get pati back to work and back to thr lives... that story and mor five. that's it for the cbs 5 newt noon. have a great afternoon. ======== i think we're out of time. santa's going to get a little wet. >> i think he'll be okay. just a few clouds. he's used to that. that will be easy. >> we're going to get a little wet. merry christmas, everybody.
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>> hope: (sighs) >> liam: uh, hope, that was... >> hope: (chuckles) >> liam: uh... what--what--what was that, exactly? >> hope: i never should have doubted you, liam. (sighs) and i never will again.

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